Thursday, November 26, 2015

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     Your customers and clients tend to see you as satisfying only one of their needs. They pigeonhole you. You become the go-to place to get a single item or service.

     Joe takes care of my lawn. Mary is my fashion expert. Greg gets the kinks out of my neck. Amy styles my hair. And Frank makes brownies.

     You must continually remind customers of the other things you do. 

     Example: When Joe told a customer that he did more than cut lawns, it resulted in a conversation. Joe reminded the customer that he could put up a fence, build a gate, and put up trellises for the customer's roses. It resulted in more jobs for Joe.  

     Example: Mary draws fashion conscious clients to her upscale shop. When she began reminding them that she could do short fashion shows to punch up their parties and meetings, she began an expansion that has served to create more business for the shop's fashions. 

     Example: Greg is a chiropractor. He began reminding his clients that he was beginning regular monthly meetings at his place with a nutritionist talking and answering questions. This proved to be a powerful attraction to getting new chiropractic clients and referrals.

     Example: Amy built up her upscale salon business by catering to high end clients--and charging high end prices. When she began reminding clients that she would come to their place to cut and style hair for men and women, she entered a new level of business. She now does much of her work in offices, homes and private airplanes.

     Example: Frank's brownies were popular. People made a point of driving out of their way to pick up a box of brownies at his bakery. He began reminding his customers that he could ship to them. It worked. And when he began promoting on social media that he would ship anywhere, his business increased significantly.

     Every business tends to settle into a comfortable way of doing business. And customers/clients tend to settle into thinking of you in only one way.

     You can grow to a new level by reminding people of all the things you can do for them. You already know the first step.

     Get yourself out of the narrow way you are managing your business. Remind your customers/clients of all the things you can do for them.    

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