Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get on social media

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     Social media represents a huge tool for small businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others extend your reach far and near.

     Whether you want to reach more people in your local area or reach out across the land, social media can do the job. 

     Example: You are a graphic artist turned photographer. You get your portfolio together and publish an e-book on Amazon/Kindle. Make connections on LinkedIn, teasing interest with pictures, and point them to your e-book and your website. If you are looking to connect with an employer, grab your Kindle and show your interviewer what you've accomplished using Amazon's technology. Round out your promotions by posting on Twitter and Facebook.

     Example: You operate a gift shop or consignment shop. To attract attention, you post pictures of newly arrived items on Facebook. The word spreads to your regulars--and they pass the pictures on to their friends, enlarging your circle of customers. Reach out and show the world what you have to offer. 

     Example: You own a restaurant. Get an app so that your customers can check out your specials for the day, make a reservation, and place an other as they leave their offices. When they arrive at your place, their meal is ready. Post pictures of mouth-watering entrees every day on Facebook, and use Twitter to round out the promotional activities. 

     Example: You run a pet shop--a complete line of supplies but no animals. Nevertheless, you take pictures of your dogs and cats at home and post these on Facebook to attract attention. With a few words, you have done your promotion for the day. People are attracted by the pictures, and they click on your website or they come to your shop. 

     Using social media can be very effective in getting the word out in the community. Your website can be thought of as your anchor, social media drives people to the website or to your place of business. 

     Pictures are the key here. Get in the habit of snapping shots of things that will get attention. Then post them--this is your advertising for the day.

     Social media is a godsend for small business. You can reach out to the whole world with the simple click of a button.  

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