Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reach out with social media

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     Expanding you small business is easier than you might think--if you use social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others do the job for you. And it can be free.

     There is a vast audience of people out there who follow social media for all sorts of reasons. Your small business deserves to be one of the reasons. Lots of eyeballs see the stuff you put up on social media.

     The key to effective promotions on social media is the picture you put up. Pictures don't have to be professionally done. Any picture that's in focus can be used. Don't use people's faces unless you get permission. You are constantly snapping pictures, aren't you?

     You might take pictures of new items you are offering, new services you've added, events, street scenes, and just about anything else. The picture does not necessarily have to be about your business. Use puppies and kittens to capture attention and send viewers to your website for the real deal--no matter what product or service you are promoting.

     Example: A retail operation uses Facebook to post announcements of upcoming sales, discounts, coupons, perhaps an open house planned for the following weekend. "Free coffee and cookies this Saturday and check out the big discounts on kitchenware."

     Example: A garden center announces an all-day hands-on free session teaching homeowners and professionals how to build a patio, a fire pit, a brick wall. "Demonstrations every hour. Get answers to your questions from experts who will be on hand all day."

     Example: A law firm uses Facebook to announce upcoming free seminars on elder care, social security concerns, and other matters involving the legal community. "No legal advice given out Wednesday evening, but all your questions answered by an attorney."

     Social media can work wonders for any small business. Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can perhaps be the best advertising you can mount. And it's free, unless you want to advertise with them. 

     The social media sites are eager to have you sign up. Just go the the site of choice and follow the easy directions. It will take about 5 minutes. 

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