Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Double headed promotions

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     In today's technological world, there are many opportunities to promote your business. Many owners use Facebook and other social media to good advantage. They are cheap and they work.

     But don't neglect combining social media with older, tried-and-true methods. To promote, you need all things working together.

     Example: Katy is trained and certified in acupuncture. She set up a place and has a growing list of private clients. To grow more, she set aside a large room where several people can lie down, relax in a communal setting. These are short, inexpensive, stress-reducing sessions. It's quiet and no cell phones of other electronics of any kind are allowed. It's the new community-based acupuncture, and Katy posts regularly on Facebook and short explanations on LinkedIn. Many corporate types come in to get relief from their stressful positions. In addition, Katy offers discounts to those who bring a friend with them. This has expanded her private client base.

     Example: Ellen runs a small neighborhood restaurant. Her reputation is spreading because more and more people are showing up. To speed up growth, Ellen decided to take a double headed approach. She posts pictures of meals and desserts on Facebook, and she offers coupons for $1 off any meal. The coupons are printed and she gives several to people as they pay for their meal. Also, the coupons are pictured on social media. More new faces are showing up.

     Example: Frank runs a fitness center, concentrating on healthy living through exercise and healthy eating. He promotes on social media and has been pleased with the results. But he wanted more growth. So he decided to set up and hold a community networking group. Frank went to and set up a group. He structured it to attract people concerned with healthy eating and light exercise. His monthly sessions attracted attention and became a popular community gathering. Frank began spreading the word on Facebook and LinkedIn. This attracted even more to the MeetUp sessions. Frank doubled his client base.

     Structuring two or more promotional ideas together can work much better than just using a single idea. Social media offers opportunities to do just that--and it's easy, quick, and cheap to do.

     Promoting your small business has never been easier. Don't neglect using older methods combined with the newer social media possibilities.  

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