Friday, April 18, 2014

Mentoring kids

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     Owners of small businesses have another job to do. And it has everything to do with running your business.

     It's not an extra. And it's not an elective. It's the future--of your business and your community.

     It's kids.

     Way back in the 1920s, President Calvin Coolidge addressedg a gathering of newspaper editors. He told them that the business of America is business. 

     His words were ignored then, and they are ignored today. Ignorance of business hurts kids.

     People in media, in education, in religion and in government have very little appreciation for business--except when they are looking for advertising dollars or contributions, tithes or taxes. These four groups would have trouble existing were it not for business.

     Business is not just big corporations. The business of America is truly small business. In fact, most people with jobs are employed by small businesses.

     If IBM closed its doors tomorrow, few Americans would be affected. But if all the country's chiropractors moved to Mexico tomorrow, millions of Americans would be in pain. 

     If Wells Fargo Bank closed up shop tomorrow, Americans would find other ways to do their banking. But if all the country's plumbers retired tomorrow, every American would be left with leaky faucets--and worse.

     Small business makes the country work. And kids deserve to know this. Your small business is vital to the country's future. And kids are the future. 

     Media, education, religion and government largely ignore small business. It's up to owners of small businesses to fill the gap.

     Reach out and mentor kids in your community. Bring them in and show them how a business works. Offer school class trips to local kids. Talk up entrepreneurship with teachers. Hire kids when they are old enough to meet child labor laws.

     Show kids that they can make a difference with a business of their own. Inspire them to be all they can be--and the future will take care of itself.

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