Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Teaching promotes

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     You are expert at what you do. And the general public is hungry for information. Put the two together, and you have a valuable way to promote your small business.

     You can volunteer to teach classes for all sorts of gatherings. You'll need a teaching certification if you want to teach in the public schools. But you don't need this in other venues.

     Hold a teaching session at your place, or contact others to teach at their place. Organizations, senior centers, some adult education centers, and others look for knowledgeable people to speak at their events. Ask around in your area and you'll find more than you want to accommodate.

     Example: An expert potter holds classes in his studio. He schedules both one time and on-going classes for both beginners and advanced students. These are priced accordingly, but the classes usually fill up, and he maintains a waiting list. The full schedule goes on all year, with interruptions only for the holidays. This will vary according to the population and interest in your area. 

     Example: An expert in Reiki holds regular classes in both beginner and advanced sessions. This is in addition to offering Reiki sessions privately to clients. These classes result in extending the interest in Reiki in the area and brings more clients. 

     Example: A dairy farmer turns his milk production into yogurt and specialty cheeses. Twice each year he offers an extended series of classes in yogurt and cheese making. These are popular and are always filled. This hands-on teaching activity extends his marketing reach throughout the area--and brings in extra income to the farm business. 

     Example: A computer engineering expert does animation, cartooning, web design, and other specialties for clients. He regularly holds classes in animation--attracting many people in all age groups. These are introductory type classes--short, paid sessions. Anyone interested in more advanced sessions can schedule private on-going lessons with him, turning into a sort of apprenticeship arrangement.

     Teaching others can result in many more clients for you. You might set up short, one-session introductory events that are free. Attendees who want to pursue the activity can sign up for multi-session arrangements that are paid for. 

      In any case, teaching can extend your marketing reach. The people who attend will invariably talk about it with their friends and acquaintances. Referrals come in. And always use social media to announce the sessions and follow-up. 

     Promoting your business is an on-going activity. And the promotional methods you use are limited only by your time. Teaching a class and promoting it on social media takes your time, but there's little if any cost involved. Additional promotional ideas are scattered throughout these write-ups.   


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