Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Promote with partners

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     A partnership promotion can attract lots of attention. Joining with another business in some sort of promotion will bring more people than doing it on your own.

     Promoting with partners is a variation of your holding an event by yourself. Two (or more) businesses coming together can get more publicity than you can get on your own.

     Examples: Not-for-profit organizations joining with you will get even more attention. Think about it. 

     When a pet store joins with an animal rescue organization, the word gets a better spread. The event attracts more attention than your pet store could attract acting alone--with an open house or a sale.

     When a salon joins with a unit of the American Cancer Society, structuring an event that results in income going to the organization, the public takes notice. 

     For-profit small businesses joining together also get more publicity and attract more clients/customers than either business acting alone. 

     When a health food store partners with a nutritionist to hold free sessions, the word goes around the community. Healthy eating is on everyone's mind.

     When a therapist joins with a wellness center to offer a special event, both therapist and wellness center benefit. Each draws more attention than either acting alone.

     When an attorney joins with an accountant to hold a session on wills and estate taxes, people show up because it puts legal issues alongside money issues, generating more questions and interest than either acting alone. 

     So it goes. How about an artist partnering with a restaurant? How about a women's clothing store partnering with a caterer? How about a winery partnering with anybody?

     Promoting with partners can be an inexpensive way to generate interest, educate the public, draw in more clients/customers, and generally spread the word. It's easy--begin by talking over the idea with another business owner. Home in on an event. Then, publicize.

     Ideas and examples of promoting with partners are scattered throughout these write-ups. Read through the examples and then structure your own unique partnership event.   


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