Monday, May 4, 2015

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     No matter your business, pets can help you promote. You don't have to own a pet shop. Pictures of cuddly kittens and playful puppies can attract attention and get people talking about you and your operation on social media. 

     Example: Ted is a chiropractor. He regularly posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram--and all of these show pictures of his big dog. The dog is very active and the pictures show the dog running, jumping, chasing a ball, carrying a stick, or curled up by Ted's fireplace. Ted is getting across his message showing an active, pain-free life style. He doesn't talk about bones and muscles--that information is on his website for people who want more chiropractic information. The dog is the message. It is upfront, attention-getting, and draws in the viewer. 

     Example: Jan runs a consignment shop. Her big tabby cat really owns the place. He curls up in his basket on the counter, or in the sunny front window, eyeing all comers and catching cat naps. Jan snaps pictures of him--sleeping or playful. He is shown inspecting all the new items arriving at the shop. Jan posts the pictures on Facebook and other social media, generating continuing interest and referrals. Jan's regulars have developed an attachment to the cat and they refer others to the Facebook pages--bringing more people to the shop.

     Example: Tom runs a bar. To punch up interest, he installed two pool tables and a dart board. He brought in craft beers. But the thing that really got the place hopping was something else. Tom cleared off one full wall and had a sign painter emblazon the words "Man's Best Friend" across the top. Underneath, he hung a reproduction of a famous painting of dogs playing cards. Then he invited everyone to post pictures of their dogs all over the rest of the wall. Soon, dozens of pictures of dogs and puppies appeared. Tom takes pictures of the wall and posts on social media. The bar is now affectionately known as Tom's Dog House. 

     Pets can be used in many ways to promote a business. Put your own creativity to work. Today's social media offers many opportunities that were not available in bygone days.

     In the past, promoting meant reaching out with ads. Today's social media is more direct. The key is picture-taking. Everyone today can take pictures and post them easily, inexpensively, and continuously. 
Get yourself in the picture-taking groove and don't look back.     

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