Friday, November 13, 2015

Facebook for small business

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     Facebook has proved to be an extremely valuable tool for small business. Posting a picture on Facebook is quick, easy, and free. 

     Example: Joe's business targets men. He does not have a shop, but he has a very active website. His best selling products are men's shaving items, belts, caps, underwear, socks, and other items. To promote, Joe uses pictures that he posts at least twice each week on Facebook and other social media. This drives lots of traffic to his website, including women who buy most of the items for the men in their lives. 

     Example: Kathy is a Reiki expert. Her client base was growing with referrals. She got certified in Reiki for pets. She now snaps pictures of dogs and puppies and posts them to Facebook. People exchange the pictures--and Kathy's expertise--with others and the calls come in. 

     Example: Sara runs a gift shop--unusual creations handmade by artists. She has a website, a presence on Etsy, and sells on Ebay as well. Sara promotes with pictures of jewelry, ceramics, photographs, small paintings, wood and iron ware. The pictures serve as a record of items in the shop as well as getting posted on Facebook. The photos attract people to her website and to the shop as well. 

     Example: Jeff uses Facebook to promote his garden center. His close-up pictures of blooming plants attract attention. In spring, he might show tulips and daffodils. In autumn, it's chrysanthemums and asters. The variations in pictures can be endless and easy to snap. Facebook pictures drive people to his extensive website. And then they drive to his garden center. 

     Example: Frank is an attorney. He regularly offers to speak at gatherings, club meetings, senior centers, and other group sessions. He asks for and gets permission to take pictures. These are posted on Facebook, and people pass them around to their friends. The result is that Frank gets calls from new clients to make appointments. 

     Facebook can work in any business. Snap pictures and post them. If you run out of ideas for pictures, snap pictures of puppies, kittens, and blooming flowers--these always attract attention and get passed around. A picture of a butterfly will attract as much attention as one of the Grand Canyon. 

     Don't know how to use Facebook? Go to the site, join up, and follow the easy directions. Post your picture and you're done with your promotion for the day. The whole thing can take as little as five minutes.  

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